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When applying for a scholarship for further studies abroad (in this case the European Union countries) or for a postdoctoral position or a doctoral position, it is important that you use the required CV format to do so.

EUROPASS CV is Europe´s best known CV (curriculum vitae) format for applications within the EU (European Union). If you are a student, doctorate candidate or researcher from outside the EU and your are seeking for opportunities to work, study or do research in any part of Europe, it is important that you don´t sell yourself short by using a different CV format other than the EUROPASS CV for making your case on the table of application. Remember, you will not be on the table when your case or application will be decided upon. Use the EUROPASS CV template to develop your own EUROPASS CV now.

The EUROPASS CV builder makes it easy for you to create your own EUROPASS CV online. You can use it to apply for a job, education, scholarship, research position, academic position, industry position or training opportunities as well as volunteering opportunities in the EU. This online system allows you to first create your EUROPASS profile online by first describing some basic information about yourself, your skills, qualifications and experiences.

After creating this online (EUROPASS) profile according to the EU standard online, you can create as many CVs as you want with just a few clicks. You just need to select which information you want to include in your EUROPASS CV, and then pick your favourite design and the EUROPASS online system will do the rest for your. It is that easy and simple; so try it now.

When applying for a research position or academic position, you need to first prepare a research proposal. After this, you need to attach a CV to this research proposal. It is these two files (CV and research proposal) that are usually the most important files for applications in the academic or research institutes. In some cases, they also ask you for a cover letter or motivation letter.

The EUROPASS CV portal allows you to translate and use your CV in more than 30 languages as well, and you can have it stored and saved online for your easy access anytime in the world.


The EUROPASS cover letter creation portal is similar to the EUROPASS CV creation link. But in this case, the EUROPASS cover letter link allows you to create a well structured cover letter for your research or work or study positions or applications in the EU. You need a cover letter and a research proposal when applying for research or academic positions in universities or research institutes. The EUROPASS cover letter portal helps you to develop a structured, consistent and professional cover letter guiding you through each step.

You can create new cover letters or edit existing ones using the EUROPASS tool to create and edit cover letters.

To access the online portal for creating your own EUROPASS CV and EUROPASS cover letter from the scratch without stress, click the links below:



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