Access to scholarship and funding opportunities for conferences, study (B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.), postdoctoral fellowships and research grants

by DrChika

As an academic, researcher or student, attending conferences or doing research can be a herculean task if you don’t have access to sustainable funding for your research or further studies. In my experience of about 10 years in Academia, teaching and doing research in the specific priority area of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Nigeria and across Europe, Asia and North America, I have secured generous funding from various international organizations around the globe. Please check my Autobiography.

These international organizations and foundations provide generous funding for researchers, academicians, students and postdocs to do what they love most (research, study and teaching). Many today have benefitted from scholarships to further their studies, attend conferences and do world class research in their area of specialization.

Attending conferences for example is a good way to meet Senior Researchers and Professors in your field. It also gives you the opportunity to meet and network with colleagues from around the globe in your area. Conference attendance is vital for your growth as an academic, student or researcher. It is in such places that you meet new collaborators.

Attending conferences allows you to network and initiate new contacts to sustain your research or further study into the future. The goal of attending conferences is to make our research visible and to initiate new collaborations by meeting others in a common ground provided by these kinds of conferences.

These funding’s has also allowed me to travel to four (4) different continents without spending my own personal money. All you need is just information to access and then the will and tenacity to apply. And even when you try and it doesn’t work out the way you want, you should keep on trying because winners never stop trying.

This is why I have curated for you some of the important funding bodies that support scholars globally (irrespective of where they come from) to continue to pursue their dream and producing research data and ideas that is changing our society and impacting it for a more sustainable place to live in.

Below you will find important links to some of these organizations and scholarship opportunities for postgraduate studies (Master´s and Ph.D and undergraduate scholarships) as well as opportunities for postdoctoral fellowships and conference attendance. It is my expectation that you will apply and continue to do so even when the result may not be positive in the beginning. As long as you don’t stop trying, you will definitely win; this I can assure you!




Note: The list provided here is not exhaustive but it is a good start for you as a beginner or even an experienced person. Nonetheless, you can also explore other INTERNAL & EXTERNAL options for this kind of opportunities (should incase the above list does not meet your own).

Ensure you use this information, share it and continue to grow and make impact in your niche!

With love from the MicrobiologyClass Team!!!

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